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Guiding Patients Considering Biologics

What are the questions patients should ask their doctors about biologics? Are there rules for starting and stopping biologics?


KOLs Predict: What Will the Next Year Bring?

A new subspecialty may emerge. New drugs will be approved (but it will be difficult for patients to get coverage for them). And an American team will win the World Series. All these and more: here are predictions for 2017 and beyond from rheumatologists across the country and around the world.


Dress Syndrome – A Diagnostic and Management Nightmare

The DRESS syndrome is a rare and sometimes catastrophic disorder resulting from specific drug exposures, including allopurinol, minocycline, INH, anticonvulsants or retroviral agents.

Hot Stuff from the Cleveland Clinic Biologic Therapies Summit – Part I

Highlights and take-home messages from the Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education's Biologic Therapies Summit held this week (April 30 – May 2, 2015).