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Podcast microphone headphones
Podcast microphone headphones
Day 2 (part two) ACR 2019 Podcast
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Can The Happiest Subspecialists Experience Burnout?
Kanika Monga, MD
The Medscape’s Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2019 crowned rheumatologists as the happiest subspecialists. We topped the list with 65% of the respondents indicating that they were happy…
sunset bench exercise
Muscle Loss and Frailty in Rheumatic Disease
Paul Sufka, MD
“If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” —Robert H. Butler, MD, first director of the National Institute on…
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2021 E/M Coding Update
Rachel Tate, DO
As a rheumatologist, I pride myself on being an advocate for my patients, but I'm not always an advocate for my profession or myself. Should rheumatologists be involved in policy? Should we be…
There are proportionately more male than female physicians across most medical specialties in Canada and the U.S. despite the current gender parity in medical school. Based on data from the…