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RheumNow Podcast – Drive Them Crazy (4.17.20)

Apr 17, 2020 3:00 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, journal articles and new ACR COVID-19 guidelines from the past week on

  1. Does Allopurinol lower mortality in gout? Metanalysis of 4 studies were split 2 yes, 2 no and overall all-cause mortality just missed significance with and adjusted HR 0.80 (95%CI (0.60, 1.05).
  2. Chikungunya infection acutely shows fever, polyarthralgia, polyarthritis, HA, rash & GI Sxs; up to 60% develop chronic polyarthritis that mimics #RA. A retrospective report of 48 pts Rx w/ MTX (mean 9.2/wk) shows signif better pain and swollen joints.
  3. Xray Chondrocalcinosis does not predict the need for future TKR. Study of 656 knee OA patients found 93 (14.2%) with knee Chondrocalcinosis, and 91 (13.9%) who went onto TKR. TKR odds - not affected by the presence of knee CC (HR 1.26; 0.74–2.17)
  4. PharmaChild registry & PRINTO analyzed the risk of opportunistic infx (OI) among 8274 JIA - identified 772 adjudicated inFx, 119 (17%) were OI - most common were herpes zoster (66), TB (11), candida (3), HPV (4), PJP (4), CMV (3).
  5. A retrospective case-control study shows that rheumatoid arthritis #RA patients have a significantly lower risk of dementia (OR 0.71,CI 0.52–0.98); even moreso with MTX Rx >4 yrs (OR 0.37). Sulfasalazine did not change the odds of getting dementia
  6. Rituximab in Rheumatoid Vasculitis   
  7. Physical Therapy Superior to Steroid Injection for Knee OA   
  8. Low Risk with Immunosuppression at Surgery   
  9. COVID-19 Systemic Involvement   
  10. ACR COVID-19 Guidance for Rheumatic Disease Patients 


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