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Information Overload

Sep 27, 2022

What to do about information overload in medicine.


7 Ways to Diagnose Arthritis

Aug 11, 2022

This is part 1 of a 2 part slide series on how to make a MSK diagnosis 7 ways;

  1. Identify “Red Flag” conditions (acute monarticular)

  2. Arthritis by the Numbers (Most Common Stuff 1st )

Podcast, new, slides

Start a Podcast?

Jan 03, 2022

These slides are your notes on how to start a podcast. How and why, with a few suggestions thrown in. These are covered in my XMAS podcast on this subject, found here


The Good Tweet

Mar 08, 2018
Tips for Success on Twitter

UPDATED Gout Stop Card

Jun 05, 2017
For Patients - Business card with Gout Info & Rules