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Treatment of MIS-C COVID in Kids

The NEJM has published results of a real-world efficacty trial showing that COVID infected children with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) respond better to initial IVIG plus glucocorticoids (than IVIG alone) which was associated with less subsequent cardiovascular complic

Tofacitinib Efficacy in COVID-19 Pneumonia

NEJM has published the results of an observational trial wherein tofacitinib given to patients hospitalized with Covid-19 pneumonia, was shown to significantly lower risk of death or respiratory failure.

Which patients with psoriasis are at risk to develop PsA?

The potential transition from psoriasis (PsO) to psoriatic arthritis (PsA) has not been a strong focus for several years but is gaining momentum.

RheumNow Podcast - Speak Up! (6.18.2021)

Dr. Jack Cush talks on education, engagement and the challenge of speaking up, if not first!

Do B-cell targeted therapies still have a place for the treatment of Sjogren’s?

B-cells play a major role in the pathogenesis of primary Sjogren’s syndrome (pSS) through antibody-dependent and antibody-independent functions, as well as evident by progression to B-cell malignancies/lymphoma. Hence, targeting B-cell is attractive. Despite efficacy of B-cell depleting therapy with rituximab in Phase II trials and case series, it failed to meet its primary endpoint when investigated in two Phase III trials. It is worth noting that the primary endpoint used in both trials was a subjective measure. Post-hoc analyses however showed greater improvement in objective measures such as salivary flow rate and salivary gland ultrasound score in RTX-treated group vs placebo. Therefore, do B-cell targeted therapies still have a place for the treatment of pSS?

Reader beware! Interpretation of effectiveness & safety of JAKi vs bDMARDs in real world data

Multiple studies compared effectiveness, retention and/or safety of biological DMARDs (bDMARDs) and JAK inhibitors (JAKi) at EULAR 2021.

EULAR 2021 – Day 4 Report

It's been nearly two weeks since EULAR 21 ended. There were several presentations on the last day; notably, the late breaking abstracts and others. Here are a few of my favorites from Day 4, the final day of the meeting.

Problems at the FDA

"While the Food and Drug Administration decision on new drugs usually follows the recommendations of the advisory committee..."; this oft used proviso is used to either indicate a pending FDA decision or an FDA decision that is contrary to the recommendation of the advisory committee convened by

Artificial intelligence brings clarity to early bony changes in inflammatory arthritis

Subtle early bony changes in inflammatory arthritis can be hard even for experienced rheumatologists to interpret, even though they have traditionally been considered to become disease-defining as they progress.

Psoriatic arthritis mortality & morbidities

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a chronic condition with manifold clinical presentations. Health issues may be far beyond the classical associated conditions like uveitis, enthesitis etc. The current study of Tillett et al (OP0231) assessed comorbidities and patient characteristics comparing psoriasis patients with or without PsA.

Current approach to lupus and pregnancy

All of us are extremely cautious with lupus patients when it comes to pregnancy. Presentation 6888 (Common issues in pregnancy management in lupus and anti-phospholipid syndrome by Dr. Rebecca Fischer-Betz) was an excellent overview of our current approach to lupus and pregnancy. 

RheumNow Podcast - Best of EULAR 2021

Dr. Jack Cush reviews and highlights his favorite abstracts and presentations from last week's virtual EULAR 2021 meeting.