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Durability of Total Shoulder Arthoplasty

Aug 27, 2020 6:39 pm

A systematic review of the outcomes of total shoulder replacements (TSR), humeral hemiarthroplasties, and reverse total shoulder replacements finds that approximately 90% of shoulder replacements last for longer than 10 years with good patient-reported outcomes.

This metanalysis included nine articles (ten series with 529 total shoulder replacements and 364 humeral hemiarthroplasties) analyxing survival and six articles assessing patient reported outcomes. 

The estimated 10-year survival for total shoulder replacement was 94·6% (95% CI 93·6–97·6) and humeral hemiarthroplasties was 90·4% (87·0–94·0).

A single registry of 7651 total shoulder replacements, 1395 humeral hemiarthroplasties, and 7953 reverse total shoulder replacements was pooled. The pooled registry 10-year survival was 92·0% (95% CI 91·0–93·0) for total shoulder replacement, 85·5% (83·3–87·7) for humeral hemiarthroplasties, and 94·4% (93·4–95·7) for patients with osteoarthritis who had reverse total shoulder replacement and 93·6% (91·1–95·8) for patients with rotator cuff arthropathy who had reverse total shoulder replacement.

Pooled 10-year patient-reported outcome measures showed a substantial improvement from baseline scores.

Overall, there appears to be long term success and patient satisfacton with shoulder arthroplasty.


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