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Gearing up for ACR

  • Rachel Tate, DO
08 November 2019

ACR is a whirlwind!  It’s akin to the “drinking from the firehose” analogy from medical school. Here are a few simple ideas to keep your head from swimming and to make learning fun and easy. 

First things first, wear comfortable shoes. The Georgia World Congress Center boasts 1.5 million square feet of conference space. Pro tip: If you forget your comfy shoes, head down to the exhibition hall and take advantage of the plush carpets at the booths. 

Check out the schedule beforehand and make a plan. I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a planner, but this tip has really helped me to best schedule my time. Make sure you arrive early to the grab a good seat at your chosen lectures. Some of my favorites are the plenary sessions, Year in Review, Thieves’ Market, and my favorite, Rheumatology Round Up. Check out the online program and even consider downloading the free app to track your sessions. Consider bringing a small notebook, iPad, or other device to keep notes.

If you are studying for boards or feeling burnt out, I suggest heading to Knowledge Bowl. In addition to testing your rheumatology facts, it’s so refreshing to see budding rheumatologist’s testing their skills. Cheer these teams on!  It’s fun and informational. 

Stay hydrated and make sure to bring a snack. This is a marathon of a conference.  

If you tweet, meet us at the annual Tweet up at the ACR Hub on 11/10 at 2:30PM. 

Spend time with the posters!  Go once and I promise, you’ll always make it a point to go at each conference. Trust me on this one. 

For great restaurant and drink tips, head down to the exhibitor booths and chat with the local reps or just follow Dr. Calabrese on twitter @LCalabreseDO for his recommendations. 

Swing by the booth #2141!  We love to see you and to get your feedback on what you like best from the conference! While you’re there, pick up this year’s ink pen for all of your ACR note taking needs!  

Above all, this conference reminds me why I love rheumatology. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to enjoy the ride in Atlanta for #ACR19!