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RheumNow Podcast – Back Talk: Questions from Listeners (10.23.20)

Oct 23, 2020 9:46 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, journal reports, survey results and "Back Talk" questions from Rheums.

  1. Randomized trial of 491 probable nonhospitalized COVID-19 pts shows that HCQ (given 800 mg, followed by 600 mg in 6 -8 hrs, then 600 mg qd x 4d) or placebo shows no reduction in symptom severity in outpatients with early, mild COVID-19.

  2. Study from NY shows that Death rates from COVID-19 have dropped (in hospitalized pts) from a high of 27% down to 3%. Partly because a younger, healthier are now getting infected, arriving @ hospital w/ less-severe Sxs. Also improved COVID medical care

  3. QD Video - I'm Not Stupid (IgG4) - Lessons from the clinic. Dr. Jack Cush discusses an IgG4 case and the power of discussion

  4. NEJM reports that obese pts having bariatric surgery have a longer life expectancy (less death HR 0.77; 0.68-0.87; P<0.001) than pts treated w/ nonsurgical, usual obesity care. They live 3 yrs longer (than controls) but 5 yrs shorter than gen Population

  5. Study of seropositivity in RA patients in the RISE (43,581) registry & Marketscan pts (1185) showed ICD10 Coding with M05 had a sensitivity = 0.73- 0.76, & PPV = 0.82 -0.84 for seropositive RA. Good but does that mean Ya'll are miscoding 25% of your RA pts?

  6. Swedish population studied CV risk, studied gout. Among 22,057, 910 (4.1%) developed incident gout by 27.5 yrs w/ 5 Clusters: C1 no/few comorb; C2 had CKD; C3 CV dz; C4 obesity, dyslipidemia; C5 DM, HTN, diuretics. 86% of incident gout came from C1 & C4

  7. Lilly has announced results of Phase 2 SERENITY trial showing the IL-23 inhibitor, mirikizumab, was more effective than PBO at week 12 (PRO and endoscopic outcomes) in moderate to severe active Crohn's disease. Efficacy continued out to week 52

  8. SELECT CHOICE, H2H study of UPA vs ABA in TNF-IR RA pts; UPA had better DAS28-CRP & ABA had better Safety outcomes; Which would you use?

  9. Not sure why this study was done...BUT... Tociiizumab was studied in 104 hand osteoarthritis and after 12 weeks, TCZ was equivalent to Placebo in achieving100mm VAS pain reduction (-9.9 vs -7.9), but TCZ had numerically more adverse events

  10. Remdesivir FDA Approved for Hospitalized COVID-19

  11. Outpatient Visits Return to Pre-COVID Rates

  12. High Burnout Rates Among Rheumatologists

  13. Back TALK

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