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RheumNow Podcast – Rheumatologist Smoke-Enders (10.22.2021)

Oct 22, 2021 12:50 am

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from this past week on

  1. In PsA trials, over time the (ACR20) placebo response has increased (15% every 5 yrs)but was not associated with the active treatment effect size. 42 RCTs, the pooled placebo response was 20.3%; pooled treatment effect vs placebo was 27%

  2. Propensity matched comparison of Tramadol vs Codeine use. Tramadol had a signif. higher risk of all-cause mortality (HR, 2.31), CV events (HR 1.15) & fractures (HR 1.50), but no diff in falls, delirium, constipation, opioid abuse, sleep disorders.

  3. In a real world study of lupus patients, aspirin use lowered risk of preeclampsia, as did hydroxychloroquine. Risk Factors for preeclampsia were high Dz activity 1st trimester (OR 4.55), BMI >30 (6.14), antiphospholipid synd (8.02), hx preeclampsia (9.8)

  4. RECOVERY study of hospitalized COVID-19 pts compared colchicine to PBO (+usual care). Colchicine had no effect on 28d mortality (21% vs 21%), time to D/C(10 d vs 10d), LIve D/C (70 vs 70%), mechanical vent or death (25 vs 25%)

  5. JAMA reports the COVID-19 combined infection- and vaccination-induced seroprevalence estimate in May 2021 was 83.3% By May 2021, there were 2.1 SARS-CoV-2 infections per reported COVID-19 case.

  6. PsABio study-real-world observational study of ustekinumab vs TNF inhibitors in PsA: 868 pts: cDAPSA remission was 15% UST vs 19% TNFi and Minimal Dz Activity was 26% UST vs 31% TNFi at 6 months - both were equipotent in PsA

  7. FDA Approves Cyltezo (BI), the 1st INTERCHANGEABLE Biosimilar to Humira - interchangeable means this biosimilar may be substituted for the Humira without the prescriber notice (by pharmacy)in same way generics are substituted for brand name drugs

  8. Smoking Impairs Methotrexate Efficacy 

  9. TICOSPA - Does Treat to Target Work in Spondyloarthritis?

  10. NOBILITY: a Trial of Obinutuzumab in Proliferative Lupus Nephritis 

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Rheumatologists’ Comments

Dear Dr Cush - Great podcast as always - but one remark- it seems to me that aspirin can be taken up to delivery time - no worries about ductus arteriosous- that is what the APS experts sustain. All the best Eduardo Paiva MD FACR Curitiba Brazil

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