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Solving Stills Disease

Still's disease is the most common rheumatic cause of unknown fever in adults. This series by Dr. Jack Cush covers the definition, history, epidemiology, key manifestations and labs, diagnostic criteria, pathogenesis and the management of adult-onset Still's disease. Dr.

What Worries You, Masters You (7.1.2022)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews recent news, regulatory and guideline updates from the past week on Studies on methotrexate use, COVID vaccination, Supplements and vitamins, and arthrocentesis despite anticoagulation are discussed.

Podcast On Podcasting

A tutorial on podcasting - what works and what does not. Featuring Dr. Jack Cush of

EULAR22 RA Podcast

- David Liew: Can We Get Rid of RA?

EULAR22 Vasculitis Podcast

- Eric Dein: EULAR Recommendations for ANCA Vasculitis…- David Liew: Getting Real on PMR

EULAR22 Lupus Podcast

- Kathryn Dao: What Patients Want and Are Willing to Risk with SLE…- Yuz Yusof: What Symptoms or Targets Mattered Most to People with Lupus?

EULAR22 Spondyloarthritis Podcast

- Peter Nash: 2022 ASAS/EULAR Recommendations on the Management of Axial Spondyloarthritis…- Robert Chao: Tapering TNFi in Psoriatic Arthritis and Axial Spon

New EULAR 2022 Rheumatoid Treatment Guidelines Podcast

- Jeff Sparks: New 2022 EULAR RA Treatment Guidelines…- Peter Nash: Another Take on the 2022 EULAR RA Treatment Guidelines

EULAR 2022 PMR GCA Panel…Featuring: Dr. Richard Conway, Dublin; Dr. Johannes Knitza, Erlangen, Germany; Dr. Sarah Mackie, Yorkshire, UK

Lupus Topic Panel - EULAR 2022 Best Lupus Studies…Featuring Drs. Jack Cush, Kathryn Dao and Yuz Yusof reporting on lupus-related studies and sessions from EULAR 2022.

EULAR22 Telemedicine Podcast

- Antoni Chan: Telemedicine and Patient Engagement…- David Liew: Telemedicine -- It's complicated