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RheumNow Podcast - Speak Up! (6.18.2021)

Dr. Jack Cush talks on education, engagement and the challenge of speaking up, if not first!

RheumNow Podcast - Best of EULAR 2021 (6.11.21)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews his highlight favorite abstracts and presentations from last weeks viirtual EULAR 2021 meeting

RheumNow Podcast - EULAR 2021 & EULAR-IQ

Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlight presentations from Virtual EULAR 2021

EULAR 2021 - Day2d

What does Scleroderma with ScL70 Look Like_ with Dr. Janet Pope, EULAR 2021 Abatacept in RA ILD_ Dr. Richard Conway Combined Analysis of Peripheral Blood + Synovial Tissue in Early RA_ Dr. Aurelie Najm Comparative Effectiveness_ Registries or Real Life_ Dr. Jonathan Kay Gender, Racial Disparities in PsA Patients_ Dr.

EULAR 2021 - Day2c

Iberdomide_ A Novel Drug for Lupus_ Dr. Kathryn Dao IFN Scores Predict Resistance to Skin Disease During RTX Therapy in Lupus_ Drs. Yusof and Carter Impact of Pandemic on Rheumatology Training_ Drs. Dao and Young Impact of RA on Male Fertility_ New Data with Dr. Aurelie Najm, EULAR 2021 MUC5B and Lung Disease in RA_ Dr.

EULAR 2021 - Day2b

Pregnancy and Disease Activity in RA with Dr. Richard Conway, EULAR 2021 Prevalence of Long Term HCQ in Retinal Toxicity_ Dr. Kathryn Dao Prospective Study of Complement Levels in Lupus Pregnancy_ Dr. Kathryn Dao Psoriatic Arthritis Highlights from EULAR21_ Dr. Jack Cush RA and Cardiovascular Risks_ Dr.

EULAR 2021 - Day2a

Serious Infection Risk from the Filgotinib Drug Development Program_ Dr. James Galloway Spacing Anti-TIF Inhibitors for Axial SpA_ Dr. Eric Dein The Future of Treatment of RA-ILD_ Dr. David Liew Three New Medications for Lupus_ Dr.

EULAR 2021 - Day1b

Fecal Transplantation as Potential PsA Treatment_ Dr. Eric Dein How to Measure Success in Lupus_ Dr. Kathryn Dao How to Treat SpA with Dr. Robert Chao, EULAR 2021 PROs in Spa and PSA_ Dr. Rachel Tate Sex Differences in Autoimmune Disease Susceptibility_ Drs. Yusof and Robinson SLE Molecular Phenotype for Personalized Medicine_ Drs.

EULAR 2021 - Day1a

A Triple Header of RA Plenary Abstracts_ Dr. Jonathan Kay Are We Consistent in Making a SpA Diagnosis_ Dr. Eric Dein Blindness with Tocilizumab in GCA_ Is it a Worry_ Dr. David Liew Complex Immune Disturbances in ANA+ Individuals_ Drs. Yusof and Hassan Do Patients on Upadacitinib Need Labs_ with Dr.

Tuesday Night Rheumatology, Systemic Lupus

Dr. Jack Cush Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh Dr. Michele Petri Dr. Maureen McMahon Dr. Clay Cockerell

RheumNow Podcast – Heart, Lung & Liver (5.28.2021)

Dr Jack Cush reviews the news and journal reports from this past week on

Tuesday Night Rheumatology - RA and Vaccinations

Tuesday Night Rheumatology - RA and Vaccinations by Dr. Cush