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3388 pts in J Hopkins Scleroderma study found 29% w/ calcinosis (13.5% these w/ heavy burden calcinosis/HBC). Calcinosis assoc w/ diffuse SSc, disease severity (PH, ILD, CVD, GI, renal crisis, myopathy)(OR 2.9- 6.9) & PM/Scl Abs (OR 17.31)
Top 10 Pharma Revenues 2021: 1 J&J $93.77 billion (USD) 2 Pfizer $81.29 B 3 Roche $68.7 B 4 AbbVie S$56.2 B 5 Novartis $51.63 B 6 Merck $48.7 B 7 BMS $46.4 B 8 GSK $43.57 B 9. Sanofi $44.67 B 10. AstraZeneca $37.47 B
Goofy or Novel: "How gravity may cause irritable bowel syndrome". A hypothesis, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, describes how the intestines, spine, heart, nerves and brain evolved to manage gravity.
Multi-ancestry analysis reveals novel genetic loci associated with OA
Systematic review comparing MIS-C and Kawasaki: 14 studies, 2928 pts; major differences- KD pts were younger; MIS-C had more Pulm, GI, Shock, more cardiac (LV, valvular pericarditis, myocarditis), but less coronary lesions & conjunctivitis
NRMP Results for rheumatology 2022 : - Adult Rheum: 97.8% of 272 fellow positions filled (41% US grads) (371 applied) - Pediatric Rheum: 69.2% of 39 positions filled (54% US grads) (29 applied) WE NEED MORE ADULT PROGRAMS AND MORE INTEREST IN PEDI RHEUM
Recent CDC/MMWR report shows Paxlovid x 5days (including those w/ prior COVID or vaccination), had a 51% lower hospitalization rate within 30 days after diagnosis than those not prescribed Paxlovid. Use it irrespective of vaccination status
Impressive free read and review of Neutrophils and Netosis in Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory disorders (Nature Reviews) from Kapland & Wigerblad at the NIH.
Artificial Intelligence in Detecting Sacroiliitis Dr. Akhil Sood ( @AkhilSoodMD) discusses Abstract 0383 at #ACR22.
TIME Mag - "Why Masks Still Matter". 1) COVID is still out there; 2) Influenza on the rise. Authors write "With limited yet mixed data, we would be wise to ...err on the side of masking in high risk, indoor crowded public settings..."
1st quarter of 2022, only 29% of Medicaid and Medicare users had at least one telehealth visit - down from 46% in all of 2021. (Data from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
Medication adherence is a problem I assume that when I prescribe something for patients that they fill the prescription (right away) and take it as planned…or is this a pipe dream? @Janetbirdope weighs in.
SLE, Sex and STDs Once in a while, I find an abstract at the American College of Rheumatology meeting that can potentially save lives and be implemented in practice now. Dr. Dao ( @KDAO2011) discusses abstract #0939 presented at #ACR22.

Practical Guidance for the Clinical Rheumatologist in Unplanned Pregnancies

Nov 25, 2022

Discussions regarding family planning, contraception, and pregnancy should be approached at each clinic visit to ensure providers understand patients’ personal goals. These conversations have the potential to decrease the risk of unplanned pregnancies. However, rheumatologists may need to manage

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What's Happening on the Hill? Dr. Rachel Tate ( @uptoTate) talks with Dr. Angus Worthing about #ACR22 Convergence Session # 12S119 about legislative updates.
In overweight and obese patients with knee OA, 18-months of diet and exercise delivered in community settings significantly reduced WOMAC knee pain (-0.6) compared to an attention control group. Messier S Abs#1675 #ACR22 @RheumNow
Very interesting Thieves Market case... which I have also seen! Don't forget mycoplasma pneumoniae-induced rash and mucositis (MIRM) when patients presen tw/oral ulceration My patient had +ANA and carried a dx of PFAPA; only responded to abx! #ACR22 @RheumNow ABSTR#TMO2
Walrabenstein et al. RCT of 16-week triple intervention - plant-based diet, exercise, stress management - vs usual care in OA. It works, but we don't know which component, or if Hawthorn effect @RheumNow #ACR22 Abstr#1644
L09 #ACR22 MTX in Post-Roe Era 6% patients reported barrier to MTX access 1 pt noted restriction to HCQ Most delays due to pharmacy - told due to pregnancy/abortion concerns or unexplained reason Rare BUT Real Problem - shows importance of @ACRheumDC advocacy efforts @RheumNow
Wipfler et al. 1 in 17 individuals prescibed MTX experienced an unexpected barrier in Post-Roe era. @RheumNow #ACR22 Abstr#L09
"Anterior uveitis is often a symptom and not just a diagnosis." Dr. J Kolfenbach reminds us to remember to look deeper for underlying causes during his #ACR22 Secrets and Pearls lecture. @RheumNow
artificial intelligence machine learning computer

Can Neural Networks Answer Important Diagnostic Dilemmas in Rheumatology?

Nov 13, 2022

An interesting study presented at ACR22 looked at whether neural networks can distinguish seropositive rheumatoid arthritis (RA+), seronegative RA (RA-), and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) using hand MRI data based on the structural inflammation patterns.

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Frailty in Vasculitis Dr. Patricia Harkins sits down with Professor Sebastian Sattui to discuss Abstract 0444, Prevalence of Frailty and Associated Factors in Patients with Vasculitis, being presented on Saturday at #ACR22 Convergence.
Henry @EBRheum et al. Less than 1 in 6 recommendations from ACR/EULAR informed by comparative effectiveness RCT. Many receive strong recommendation despite low/very low LOE. @RheumNow #ACR22 Abstr#1284