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Problems at the FDA
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Jun 21, 2021
Should we treat to target ourselves? Dr. David Liew ( @drdavidliew ) shares learnings from #EULAR2021.
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Jun 20, 2021

RheumNow Podcast - Speak Up! (6.18.2021)

Jun 18, 2021

Dr. Jack Cush talks on education, engagement and the challenge of speaking up, if not first!

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WATCH: Have you heard about the advances in RA discussed at #EULAR2021? Our panel of doctors break down everything you need to know.
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Jun 10, 2021
@KDAO2011 @UpToDate @TammyTilley @ACRheum @CreakyJoints @UnaMakris @DrDavidKarp @JointMD @ejdein1 @jeffsparks @Janetbirdope @uptoTate @RichardPAConway @MeralElRamahiMD @Yuz6Yusof @AurelieRheumo @Stiddyo @doctorRBC @RheumNow also, and I still remember this from the very first time I met him in person: "Do you know what the most important thing to remember is?" (nervous pause from me) "Have fun. You've gotta have fun!" I still live by this...

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Jun 06, 2021
A giant in our field. He has been my teacher for most of my career (since fellowship). He taught me how to care for patients, conduct research, & teach. My favorite quote is "If you're doing nothing, you're not doing anybody any good!" What is something he taught you? @rheumnow
Jun 05, 2021

Efficacy of 6 Weeks Antibiotics with Prosthetic Joint Infections

May 27, 2021

The NEJM has published the results of a French multicenter study showing that prosthetic joint infections can be successfully managed with 6 weeks of antibiotic therapy; this was noninferior and had better outcomes compared to 12 weeks of antibiotic therapy.

Prosthetic joint

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Congress Slams AbbVie Over Price Hikes, 'Frivolous' Patents

MedPage Today
May 24, 2021

House lawmakers on both sides of the aisle pummeled AbbVie CEO Richard Gonzalez for raising the price of two widely used drugs and for the company's "legally questionable" tactics to head off competition from biosimilars, despite pulling in healthy profits.

Much of Tuesday's House

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Total Ankle Arthroplasty vs. Arthodeisis?

May 19, 2021

 The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery reports the findings of a 4-year trial comparing outcomes of total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) versus ankle arthrodesis (AA) in patients with severe ankle arthritis; finding that while both groups improved, TAA was associated with less pain and better

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New podcast available— BandAids for Rheumatologists. Listen on SoundCloud and wherever podcasts are available.

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May 14, 2021
News Feature: Insurers Bet Big on Bribing Patients
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May 12, 2021
5 Reasons to see Rheumatologist 1. Unexplained, worsening joint or muscle pains 2. Repeated, joint pain/swelling, fevers, rashes 3. Establish early Dx to your chronic joint complaints 4. Review abnormal labs, get a treatment plan 5. Attacks of gout

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May 12, 2021
New podcast alert! Falling or Falling in Love (5.7.2021) Dr Jack Cush reviews the best journal articles of the week from RheumNow
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May 07, 2021
Today begins National Nurses week! God Bless Rheumatology Nurses #ArthritisAwarenessMonth
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May 06, 2021
Zoomatology – Present in Absentia Unknowingly, you have become a zoomatologist – an old dog who has mastered the new trick. Despite the shutdowns and lockdowns, you can be everywhere, do everything, and learn by being present in absentia.
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May 04, 2021

Uric Acid: A Major Player in the Metabolic Syndrome

May 03, 2021

An open source, free read from the European Journal of Internal Medicine discusses how uric acid has evolved from the toxic cause of gout and nephrolithiasis and evolved, by way of science, into a pleiotropic recidivist in the evolution of obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, renal disease,

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New podcast up! Uppers and Downers.

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May 01, 2021
RheumNow Podcast is Up! – with news of Uppers and Downers. Read about Vaccine success, CKD gout prophylaxis, TOFA in AS & too much IL-17 inhib can be a problem Listen iTunes> or Android SoundCloud>>

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Apr 30, 2021
Check out this issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism from 1961. In addition to the great article by Charles Ragan on the "History of Rheumatoid Factor" (pg 571), thumb thru the pages to see the Ads and what rheumatology looked like 60 years ago.

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Apr 29, 2021
Rheums: Got a Rheumatology question or case for Jack Cush? Record it here and we'll feature it on an upcoming podcast. Tell us your name and where you practice rheumatology.
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Apr 26, 2021

Sinusitis Activity Linked to Brain Dysfunction

Apr 13, 2021

Have you wondered why fibromyalgia, fatigue or cognitive dysfunction often co-associate with chronic sinusitis?

A case-control study of 22 patients with chronic rhinosinusitis published in JAMA Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery found that sinonasal inflammation was

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New podcast up! Download wherever podcasts are available. Upadacitinib Wins in PsA Dr Jack Cush reviews the news and Journal reports and takes "Back Talk" questions from viewers.
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Apr 05, 2021
Have you listened to this week's podcast? Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news, FDA Denials and journal articles from the past week on RheumNow. Download wherever podcasts are available.
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Mar 31, 2021
Congratulations to the NIH's John J. O’Shea, M.D., who has been awarded NIAMS Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine. Dr. O’Shea is a scientific director at NIAMS and receives the Harrington Prize for his work on the rold of Janus Kinase

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Mar 30, 2021